2019 Conghua Racecourse Exhibition Raceday - Past Incident Extracts

19/03/2019 00:00


HAPPY TOUR (B374) when questioned regarding the performance, rider stated that he rode his mount hard in the early stages in an attempt to lead as in the past it had not travelled well when required to race behind horses. He said, despite riding his mount aggressively, it did not show as much early speed as the two leaders and he was required to take a trailing position after the 900M. He said he rode his mount along in order to maintain its position, however, it did not travel well and he was required to ride it vigorously from the 600M. He said as his mount was not travelling well, he was unable to prevent the winner from improving around his mount near the 500M. He added at the entrance to the Straight his mount commenced to respond to his vigorous riding and that resulted in the horse improving towards heels. He said he was unable to shift out due to the winner being positioned outside his mount and that resulted in his mount being awkwardly placed close to heels. He said his mount’s momentum was consequently impeded and it was subsequently unable to regain that momentum. He said whilst his mount did not finish off the race strongly, in his opinion, given the circumstances of the race, he felt that the horse closed off satisfactorily - Race 371.

GALLANT RETURN (A308) after the 300M was held up for clear running when awkwardly placed close to heels when being shifted out into tight running. Passing the winning post was awkwardly placed close to heels and consequently was not able to be ridden out all the way to the end of the race - Race 476.

EMPIRE OF PATCH (A319) near the 150M was brushed and became unbalanced. Close to the finishing line was steadied when crowded for room - Race 464.


CASH COURIER (S417) after the race was reported by the vet that the horse had sustained a laceration to the left hind heel - Race 435.


LUCKY HERO (B057) until near the 600M travelled wide and without cover. Near the 100M shifted out under pressure. After the race an endoscopic exam was conducted at trainer's request and that exam showed a substantial amount of blood in the horse's trachea - Race 427.

BIZ POWER (B052) whilst in the Parade Ring had its left front plate refitted. Then was examined by the vet who said it was suitable to race - Race 413.

GREEN CARD (V126) after the 900M was left racing wide and without cover - Race 426.

DOUBLE VALENTINE (A163) passing the 100M momentarily raced tight - Race 438.


SUPER LEADER (V016) in the early part of the Straight was held up for clear running and then raced tight when improving between two other runners at the 300M. Approaching the 150M lay in under pressure - Race 481.

THE CREATETH (A336) at the start bumped with a runner. After that was steadied and shifted across behind runners from a wide barrier - Race 472.

RADIANT BUNNY (S418) when questioned regarding the performance, rider stated that it had been hoped that the horse would be able to take up a more prominent position but also with cover. He said in order to clear the runners to his inside, he had to make considerable use of the horse and then was not able to obtain cover as had been hoped. He said the horse consequently gave ground noticeably in the Straight. Post-race vet inspection did not show any significant findings. The next day was again examined by the vet who said the horse to be lame in its right front leg - Race 389.

SUPER MODEL (B375) began very awkwardly and lost ground. At the 50M was shifted in away from heels - Race 455.


YOU HAVE MY WORD (V149) when questioned regarding his riding in the Straight, rider stated that at the entrance to the Straight he shifted his mount in to follow the winner through as he expected it would finish off the race. He said after riding his mount hard after the 200M, it commenced to shift out towards a runner which was positioned to the outside of his mount. He said for that reason he put the whip away on the horse and straightened it before resuming riding it out over the final 100M - Race 475.

CLEMENT LEGEND (B137) near the 50M shifted out under pressure - Race 424.

GOOD DAYS (A333) when questioned, rider stated that he was asked to shift his mount across behind runners and obtain cover in the early stages from the wide barrier. He said he was also asked if the pace of the race steadied in the middle stages to attempt to improve his position as it is one-paced and would not be suited by being held up and left flat-footed when the pace of the race quickened. He said in the early stages he was left racing wide as he was unable to obtain a position with cover. He said after the 1300M he allowed his mount to improve forward of a runner to race in about midfield but without cover. He said whilst the pace of the race was fair in the middle stages, he rode his mount along after the 900M to improve to obtain a more forward position closer to the rail. He said when he did that another runner was ridden to maintain its position to the outside of the leader and inside his mount which required him having to ride it along for further than he had hoped in order to clear that horse to race outside the leader after the 600M - Race 453.

ISHVARA (S015) at the start made contact with a runner, shifted in and bumped another runner. After the race lost its left front plate - Race 424.

WHAMPOA STAR (B146) in the early part of the Straight was held up then approaching the 300M was shifted out away from heels - Race 446.

THE JOY OF GIVING (A249) near the 400M was awkwardly placed - Race 479.

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