Schedule for closure of CRC main turf track and uphill gallop for winter overseeding works

31/10/2019 16:45

Winter overseeding works will commence shortly, the CRC turf track will be closed from Friday, 8 November to Thursday, 21 November 2019 (both dates inclusive); and the CRC uphill gallop will be closed from Friday, 22 November to Sunday, 8 December 2019 (both dates inclusive).

The following arrangements will be made during the winter grass establishment period to facilitate training.

(1)      Stall tests

Stall tests will be conducted on the large all weather track upon request during this period.

(2)      Additional dates for opening of the uphill gallop

In addition to the normal opening on every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, the uphill gallop will also be opened on Saturdays, 9 and 16 November 2019.